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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Hello World Again...

Weeew... been a long many months????a year maybe.....

Uhmm...not much has changed really-if you mean about the **looksss**...counting a year and a few more months til I graduate from college.....yepeeeeeee...

Well, i'm gonna miss writing...blogging and stuffss....i'm fed of it...still fresh from my memory what a jilly-jolly innocent idiot I was when I frst got involved with net activities....=)

My friend cow just had her first baby girl yesterday....pretty pretty cute baby gurrlll....can't believe my friend's already a mum when we were both just dreaming about cute guys on tvs yesterday...!!! x0

Towkie...huhmm..the gurl who keeps admiring herself??yuffs...well, she's currently bugging all of her friend's cellhones talking bout how she's suffering too much getting dumped by a wasn't fair doww......cheatting anyone???The fact that she's my friend, I support her....right now I'm sick of uplifting her while all she ever talks about is how much it's killin her...everytime............

petra?..quite in a complicated love affair with my old highschool friends...reallly really complicated and dramatic....ahahahahaha and i'm really not the type of person to write such a

me?? well...the usual, stressed out...not that much though...I dunno...I think i;m fallin for someone this time.....he's a new classmate....talented (still, I'm the best!!nyahahahahahaha jokes mina-san)...well, let's just say....he's sweet and gentle..I just admire the fact that he puts effort befriending a cynical me..really!!IT MEANS A LOT!!! But of course, just like how a beated the other boys who dare knock at my door.....i'm using my brain...I just can't believe he's almost winning over me...can't think of the right words to describe him....why i like him....when i'm trying not to...he's there when i'm down though I wasn;t even asking for comfort or whatsoever, he talks to me first coz I'm always deleting his presence inside my head..he tries to make me laugh when it really doesn't work....or perhaps i'm just getting a bit OA...all this simple little things...just drag me down......don;t wanna hit  the ground hard again.....ttaetaero...choenun, nomu nomu pabogunyo!!!

hopin to see him this afternoon =) akekekek...

Posted at 01:04 pm by mei_chang
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

We had no class for almost 2 days. Semifinals coming. I've got to study a lot and manage to start my amplifier.....*expenses*. Right now, the weather's not so good. I love the rain though.

Today, I discovered two soft lumps near my left ear. Hope it isn't that bad TT. Mom just said to continue taking vitamins and antibiotics. Mom's a nurse but don't practice it anymore, she just teaches 'coz she hated her college life as a nursing student...grandma did it to her, she to me now....hopefully I won't so it to my daughter or son...whatever..

Setting a sustainable pace at work today enables you to accomplish more than you expect. But prior to beginning any new project now, it's good to have all your tools in order. Take some time to think it all the way through before starting. You can save yourself and others from a great deal of headaches by doing your homework first.

SEE!!! My horoscopes hitting me ^^. Gotta go ciao..

Posted at 05:43 pm by mei_chang
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Uhm, I don't hasn't been pretty fun lately. I keep failing my exams no matter how hard I try to study...WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO DARN HARD AND EVERYONE SO EGOCENTRIC Angry??!! I'm so trying hard to cope up with et..(buhliv mehhhh). Mom doesn't understand what's going on, she just offers me something to eat everytime I come home looking totally wasted. I'm just sad in a way that I can't be good in something even after I've already wanted it. I want to finish this and every thought of transferring to another school or starting over again.....I dump to my trash bin. I've tried hard praying too...but I think God's just quite tough on me these days TT. PwLEZZ... if only I have super powers ^^. Mom's office got transfered to another building's second floor (due to the trauma brought about by a week's heavy rain  which caused waste high floods and destroyed most of her files..etc).

4'oclock afternoon sun's piercing my left side and it's suddenly hard to see what I'm typing here ^^. Did I mention? I think my left eye is failing TT ahuhuhuhuhuu...stress stress stress and lots of it.....really ain't healthy ^^.

Well, whenever I have, I listen to lots of old songs...90's songs usually and I'm a bit surprised that I likes them more than the music of this genX, out of morbidity and just full of happy tunes..lalalala...Duckie, will you ever come back???

Valentines' coming, 4 more sleeps...guess what? It'll be the 19th Valentine of me being single ^^ ain't that fun??It's not that bad...I just don't have the "it" factor for such relationships (plus considering my life-death situation ryt now, does that count??) but it doen't bother me at all...well a little percent maybe...10?I'm just ready to choose responsibility over my freedom...I value it a lot. And maybe, the ryt guy isn't around there, yet....that will leave me head over heals at the first and consecutive sights ^^ nyahahaha. Well honestly, I do admire this little friend of mine...he's quite smart (geeky to the point ^^ joke...he looks and acts like a kid only to the excemption that he has the brains of a 60yr old scientist ^^). he's the only one kind and patient enough to teach me things. But isn;t the best idea to go swimming in a lake full of piranhas ^^.

Well gotta go, class/ about to start....zzzzzzz ^^ boinkie..



Posted at 01:44 pm by mei_chang
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
been a while...

elow there.... I missed pouring a part of myself here...Reading my last post....was so darn funny ^^, to me. I sounded like a little chick who just won't stop hittin' her head on a wall Surprise I'm so over it now ^^, my emotions easily fleets if it isn't real ^^..duh so much with the blah blahzz...

It took me a while to write again BECAUSE.....uhm okay, I have several reasons....FIRST, I focused on finishing my blog design here..i'm like shovelling trenches under my eyes for it ^^ (if you know what I mean)...WOOOW effort!! SECOND, GOSH Aint I busy at school!! 3rd year in this college course seems to be the hardest....and hopefully I'm graduating from it ^^ ahaha THIRD, Hey...I just recovered from a very sore throat TT I was easily irritated and bedridden for a couple of days uknow ^^ LAST but not the LEAST.....I like to sleep ^^ does that count? hehehehe

Anyways, I feel fulfilled today..dunno why exactly ^^. I enjoyed my Engineering materials class today and our funny doctorate professor who keeps on pointing over our hanging white screen ^^. We were talking about metals, cast irons and steel and the coke (refined coal) in making alloys. The whole class was just making fun of the names and stuffs and my chubby seatmate starts mentioning skarmory and steelyx from pokemon. We were giggling, like for a moment, everything wasn't in its normal serious state ^^. Not to mention our profs name ^^ ahihihihihi...well we just quite a time to lay back a little. I'm really focusing on this course and my future on this. Hmm...still waiting for our laboratory..hoping to get home early today ^^. Till next blog...cia0

Posted at 11:38 am by mei_chang
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well....I FEEL TERRIBLE AND AWFUL!!! I think I've partially fallen for someone only to find out I got tricked by dreams. Shocked..yeah yeah... this is worthless, just can't believe that I expected too much out of what was really nothing. I feel quite sad you know. I have been doin' pretty well without these stupid emotions for some time now....and in a blink of an eye...smossh..I'm like this.
So hard to accept that .....THERE ARE THINGS NOT MEANT FOR YOU TO HAVE IN THIS LIFE!!!!! I so hate it.....stupid me..!! You let yourself hurt again. At the end of this message....YOU BAD VIRUS working within me...will be totally...I MEAN TOTALLY!!!! DELETED!!!!! This time, I'll be a lot more careful not to make a fool of myself again.
Thanks for the lesson though...Have peace's too short to go worrying on such things!!!!
Someday, I'll be above of it all...laughing in victory...HAHAHA Wink

Posted at 02:01 pm by mei_chang
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Memory - 7 - 22 - 08

She was at a meeting - in a garden, under the shades of trees late in the morning. Quite an unusual venue. Everything was hazy but I see clearly my bestfriend's face as I turn to a corner, no, two seats from me rather.
We were like a dozen or more, seated around a long table. As the speaker introduced someone, I recognized a a familiar face just on the other side of the table. I quickly identified him, the lead man of a great story I've heard before. The same music filled the air but he wasn't looking neither was I..or so, I guess. He was popular, attractive and a lot more mature than the last time I saw him. Still he wasn't looking because I know I was. "Go to him...Ask so many things...." Perhaps I'd do it if it was ten years ago. This is present. I've grown old ad everyhting's just not that fancy anymore. The table remained a border. There was nothing more to look at each other's way.
The next thing I remember, everyone was gone and was walking the road home past four in the afternoon. I wasn't alone. He was beside me walking for a while then. We were walking but there wasn't any talking. Perhaps just a "Hi" and "Hello" and then another moment of deafning silence. It was hard to give it all up, all that it used to be. Yet it will be even harder if I'd turn from giving it all up.
We both turned from the main street. I saw his sideway look then I remembered everything before....the music, the thrills, all things that my memory hid from me......all too much for me to handle and all unknown from someone who was now so close beside me.
The next thing I did, I reached an arm for him and held on to his shoulders. I was happy to have had everything back then. It was a wonderful, self-fulfilling moment to just let it go...
Quit all the shows and just get it real! I'm sure I told him how I missed everything, it took him a while to respond. When he did, he pulled my hand off from him...and hugged me so tight. I smiled ...Happy to know he appreciates me being there and feeling the same thing. T
hen.. I cried....cried..and cried....for the next thing was, me waking up from the dream.  Still I cried because I remembered him disappearing even before I opened my eyes. Soon I realized.....I am finally home.
The dream did happen. It's not a love story though. For me, it was more like saying goodbye to a childhood memory which took me far far from what I could ever imagine. A great inspiration for a fancy dream which I need to bid byebye...for I am too old for it. But dreams don't pick ages you know. Just not for me now. Maybe tomorrow. Well, I guess it just led me back home. Sad yet such a sweet memory for me and my bestfriend.

Posted at 01:24 pm by mei_chang
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm finally done, with all the exams....I should be happy, but I feel worse than a dying soldier...
I'm going to start project making...the transistor electronic switch tomorrow, it will be the last for this semester..Uhh... I feel so awful Hurmph Right now, desperate I may sound....but I wish I had a different life...

Posted at 07:14 pm by mei_chang
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Saturday, October 18, 2008
I love to travel..

Howwsssshhh...if I'll be able to clear myself from the scholarship contract someday, I'm definitely gonna travel the world.  I just couldn't, not right now but someday soon...sniff..Uhm yeah, I love to tour around, got to few places in my country. Being there in unknown places and using another way of communicating to the people who don't speak your tongue was great. People need to breakfree from life's stagnance sometimes...So much with the bla blahs...

               6am  @ Cebu port                                    the Beach @ Granny's House Leyte

   A View from the Highway: Sunken Cemetery    Century Tree At the Old Church

     Raining Down the Mountain Path : Mt. Vulcan        The Tree Above

      The Cross: Sunken Cemetery Camiguin            Lola's Bamboo House, Leyte

   Santo Niņo Shrine Tacloban, Leyte             Ferry Crossing Under  Mactan Bridge Cebu

                                    Gazebo, Cebu                                                          Magellan's Cross
            At St. Augustine Cathedral                                        Balls balls....

      Maria Christina Falls Low Blast : Iligan               Gaston Park CDO ^^

Posted at 11:19 am by mei_chang
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gUesS What HappeNed After The Countdown.

I'm pretty sure I messed it all.... thanks to my clumsiness and my five year old calculator (that's it!! I'm totally gonna send you to the trashbin)...TT...cry I learned some pretty good lessons 'coz of it:

1. Don't study late at night. What you read would just, probably, go straight out at the back of your head.

2. For Goodness Sake!!! Take a shovel, go to your backyard and bury your old calculator 5 feet below the ground 8); throwing it out of the window takes lesser time and lesser work., believe me.^^

3. Don't stare at the problem too long... answers just won't pop out by doing that.

4. Minimize nosebleeding by bringing lots and lots of cotton, one which is fully absorbent ^^

5. Expecting that you passed the exam and it turns out you didn't hurts a thousand times more than the other way 'round.

6. Pass your paper and give your instructor the sweetest fake smile ....

7. Laugh your heart out, according to mom, frowning uses more muscles than laughing. Beauty is much more important from day to day ANYWAY!!!lol

8. Go home, eat a lot....I mean a lot...then sleep....the pig style ^^. HAHAHAHA

Gotta finish luch now and go to the library. Study for Advance Math....Blog yah!!

Posted at 11:19 am by mei_chang
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Friday, October 17, 2008
Countdown : 5 hours, 26 min & 15 seconds...I guess

Golly, it's my major exam a couple of hours from now.... but I'm still stucked here... writing ^^. Well, I think, I have everything in my head...just don't wanna stress myself too much. I'm trying to cope with a frequent memory loss Angel. Have to admit, lookin' at the clock freaks me out Shocked. I finished drawing the drafts for this blog yesterday....I so wish, finals will be over . My grades are like...almost off the passing line ^^ nyahahaha, I can't blame myself, I just got forced to study the course. Years before, I barely knew this course existed. So much regrets....whatever...I'm halfway towards the finish line though. I still can't picture out my future. Somehow, I feel slightly unloaded when I write. I miss my happy, careless days and my friends who are far far far away now....snifff...sniff...sniff....
Listening to sechskies songs.... the rappings great ^^..kawaii..
Well, wish myself luck...ajajaja..

Posted at 11:17 am by mei_chang
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